Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Decorating for Halloween

These are from last Monday and Tuesday.  I'm still having computer problems so it's hard making these posts!

Last Monday, Eli grabbed the rest of the Halloween stuff from the basement.  
And dragged it upstairs.  
He got busy!
Aden helped plant the mums.
Good job Eli!
Up to the school.  
Winter stay away!
Last Tuesday, Pat the piano/guitar teacher returned for the first time since Covid!  I had a 45 minute guitar lesson, then Noah had a 15 minute piano lesson.  
Noah is really excited about this.  Today he said Eli should start an instrument so they can have a band!
Notice the green ghost.  
Brotherly love.
Eli read to us a little.  
Ariel tried on her costume!
So silly!


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