Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Dancing Bear Apron

Last Monday, the twins made their fort.  
Ariel had cheer.  

She loves when her friend Peyton comes to visit.  
Ariel helped me get the tv back together.  It worked!
Tuesday was cold!
The synagogue posted a video from Hebrew school.  Notice the blond girl in the first row.  It's Ashley wearing Aden's sweatshirt!
Lesson time.  Noah can play Mary Had a Little Lamb!
Pat played my guitar.

Heather and Eli played with the marble tracks.  
I made some killer hamburgers for dinner.  

Like my new Grateful Dead apron?
Wednesday, Ariel was looking for birthday presents.  
Eli played with dominoes.  
I made chicken piccata for the first time!

After the twins were asleep, we watched a little of the bar mitzvah video.  
It came out great!  I will comment more on it later!


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