Sunday, October 24, 2021

Jerry on Skates

Another crazy, busy weekend.  Lots of cheer and football.  

Last Saturday was again beautiful.  
I went early to Dick's with Eli to buy hockey sticks for Aden and I.  So many choices.  So many sizes.  Just shut my eyes and picked them out.  
The twins had soccer and thankfully did well.  

The cheering section.  

We won!
That afternoon I did something I had done in many years.  Played roller hockey!  I was actually on a team in my 20's and have not tried since!  I met up with some high school friends.  This was a warm up.  We have a bunch more people coming out on a Sunday in November.  
Our big boys came too.  
I have to say, it surprisingly went very well!  
Everyone played great and we had fun.  
I was convinced I would be really sore after but maybe all this exercising I do is keeping me in decent shape.  I felt great!
Aden asked if we could play football next time.  

Then we had a cheer game.  
Let's go Indians!

Uh oh, the sky was getting dark.
Let's move this game along!
Ariel having fun.
Here come the rain! Run!
Oh well.  It was a thunderstorm so we were done.
That night we went to dinner at the Pineville Tavern with Julia and Dave.
They kicked us out at 10 because they wanted to close!  Why so early?  We could have talked and drank all night!


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