Monday, October 18, 2021

Away Game

It's Monday morning.  Sorry I'm late with the post.  Having computer problems.  This past weekend was so busy, I have never been so excited for a Monday before!  Last Saturday was also busy.  Amy had a drawing contest with the twins early.  

Then Dani and Linds came over to cheer with Ariel.  
We moved outside to do some stunting.  

Ariel lost her confidence a bit with going up but she's getting it back.  Love this pic!
She's flying!

Dani did a handstand for us.  
Then it was soccer time for the twins.  Ariel kept Logan busy.  
They had enough kids to break into 2 teams.  Eli and Noah played on different teams and did really well!  They both were very involved and almost scored!  

Rachel was in from Penn State!  She was there to watch her brother play.  So good to see her!
Great job Eli!
Amy took the boys for a walk later.  
I took Ariel to an away cheer game.  

I guess we should learn how to do her bow.

Nice kick Ariel!
Then she got to go up.  

She's happy to not be the shortest on the team.  

Up in the pyramid!

They did their halftime routine for the other team.  


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