Friday, October 9, 2009

10 Month Runny Nose

Yesterday, I picked up Aden from school. The kids were all outside playing.

I started parking in the garage. I have never done that before and I like it. The car is nice and warm and dry in the morning. I'm going to put down a nice floor and get a heater to make the garage more of a room. Does anyone know a good finish for the floor? I've looked into paint, tiles and epoxy. The tiles are cool because you can make a colorful pattern.

Aden, do you miss using the stroller everyday? It's so rare that he gets on the Bugaboo anymore. Jason and Lisa commented the other day on how clean it is, because they are still using their's daily in New York and it's getting really beat up.

Music class! And we weren't late for once, so we got to hear the Hello song!

Aden was more awake this time and had fun. He walked around checking everything out. He got to see some friends he hasn't seen since the early Summer.

This is good exercise!

Which ball should I get?

Ms. Marilyn is great.

As always, Aden loves to try out all the instruments.

I only took this picture to show you the time. He would not go to sleep last night. We don't know why. He just wanted to be with us I guess. Finally, he fell asleep around 10:30 and did sleep through the night.

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