Saturday, October 31, 2009

Aden's First Halloween Parade

Friday was a crazy day. I needed to be at work early to do some things so I brought Aden with me in costume.

Aden kept himself busy playing hockey. He's getting pretty good at it.

Ok daddy, let's go already.

I picked up my grandmother and headed to Breezy Point. We made it just in time. Liana was already with her class in line.

Aden's was the only class not to march in. They watched the festivities from the adjacent playground. The parents went all out. The costumes were great.

I took Aden and my grandmother to the front.

Grandpa came by.

The kids put on quite a show, singing and dancing.

Here is Aden's teacher Ms. Mette. Justin and Alex had her as their teacher over 20 years ago!

Finally free to run around a little.

All the little ones went out to the field to sing songs and go on a pumpkin hunt.

Aden looks so little there.

Aden found a nice one!

Back in the room for a party!

I'm ready for candy! (and to go to space)

It was fun for everyone.

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