Sunday, October 11, 2009

That's A Big House

Friday after work, my parents come over with a little project for me. Let's just say 3 hours and a few bruises later, Aden had a new playhouse in the backyard. It's huge!

He loved it, especially the phone.

Saturday morning, Aden could not wait to get outside and play in his house. It didn't last long as we had to pack him up and take him to my parent's house. Amy and I were headed to New York for the night.

We took the train and checked into our hotel in Chelsea around 3. We met Jason and Lisa at Carter's indoor playground. Since most people living in New York do not have the indoor space for their kids to run around, some smart business people are providing it at a very high cost. We then walked through an outdoor festival and ate some great stuff.

The Flatiron Building.

One of a few brides we saw. It was a beautiful day for a wedding.

Hey Carter!

It was a nice park. Carter spends a lot of time there.

Hey, there's that bride again. We asked, her wedding was at a Greek Orthodox Church.

This burger stand in the park is crazy popular. People literally wait 2 to 3 hours for burgers! Thankfully, there is a separate, shorter line for ice cream!

New condos nearby. A deal at $5-$10 mil! How many should I sign you up for?

It was Simchat Torah. The Jews were dancing in the streets!

We hung out at Jason's apartment. It was a gorgeous building.

The girls were going out to dinner and Jason and I were headed to the Kiss concert. We had a few minutes free so we let Amy run loose at buybuy Baby. She spent $100 in no time at all. Thankfully, the closest one at home is 40 minutes away! Saturday night and Sunday will follow.

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