Friday, October 23, 2009

Teacher's Pet

Yes, Aden is such a mess when we get him from school and he is always in a different outfit then what we sent him in. It could be drool, paint, food... Here he is in 12 month clothes. They are starting to get small or it's just body by Budweiser. The 18 month clothes are still really big on him. They really need 15 month sizes. Anyway, we moved his house into the garage.

The next stop might be the basement.

But it fits in nicely in the garage.

He's running after the scarecrow on the driveway.

What is that Aden?

Yes, back to music class and back to wandering.

He would not leave Ms. Marilyn's side. He just followed her around.

Aden's buddy.

Aden made sure he was the first one to get a ride on her lap.

Mommy had to get Aden so other kids could get their turns.

He fell asleep as soon as we got home but he woke up around 11 screaming. Poor thing is still teething. Some milk and Advil worked to get him back to sleep.

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