Thursday, October 29, 2009

Aden the Astronaut

Well, here is a sneak preview of Aden's costume. He'll actually get to wear it 3 times, which is nice. First up, music class!

The hat didn't last long. Glad I didn't waste money on a helmet. The flight suit fit him well though and seemed pretty comfortable.

Aden was back to stalking Ms. Marilyn.

He is so definitely going to Space Camp one day.

Aden with his buddy Francesca.

She is not going to do the next music session because her mom is scared of germs. That sucks. We like seeing them.

Aden could not take his eyes off of Nemo. He must have been wondering how he got off his bathroom wall.

Every time Nemo walked by, Aden had to touch him.

He always seems overwhelmed when Ms. Marilyn dumps out all the instruments. She kept spraying everything with Lysol. Hopefully, no one gets sick from class.

A little treat for everyone.

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