Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Aden still loves his house. He also made it through the day in one shirt again. Always good to save on laundry. They say he walks around so much in school that he wears himself out and falls asleep.

We went into the basement so Aden could chase around the Roomba robot vacuum.

The last time we did this, Aden was crawling, now he was running!

He has no idea what it is, he just knows he wants to hit the big button on the top.

Aunt Melissa and Uncle Mark came right from the airport to see Aden. They had a great time on their cruise.

Aden was happy to see them.

Aunt Melissa was showing of her tan. It was warm and sunny in the Caribbean. For the second night in a row, we are awoken at 1 by the chirping of a smoke detector that had a low battery. We have the original builder's detectors and the new ones put in the alarm company. They are all hard wired but we didn't realize they still have battery backups. I couldn't find the one chirping Sunday night and it kept us up for hours. Last night, I figured out which it was. We didn't have a 9 volt battery, so I just threw the thing outside and went back to sleep!

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