Friday, October 2, 2009


Yesterday after work, I took the train up to New York to go to a website launch party.

I had some time so I wandered down to Chelsea to get some Billy's cupcakes.

What to choose? I got vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream icing.


It was fun watching them ice the cupcakes.

Made me think of Project Runway.

I met Jason at Brother Jimmy's for some barbeque then we went to the Manhatten Ballroom for the GDGT launch party. These guys used to run my favorite gadget site, engadget, before they were bought out by AOL. They started this new site which is almost like a Facebook for people and their gadgets.

There was lots of neat things to see and play with.

We went out for frozen yogurt at Pink Berry, which was actually frozen yogurt. All I have to say about that is yuck! I was home by 10:30, not too bad.

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