Monday, October 19, 2009

What's With the Green Dot?

I'm going to the Phillies game tonight and missing Aden's 15 month checkup. I wish I could be there but Amy can handle it. Aden is excited to watch the game on tv.

Thursday, Sandy stopped by to meet Aden. She was in town for the 60 mile breast cancer walk which was cancelled due to the weather. That sucks, but it was nice to see her.

Friday night, my parents brought dinner over. Aden loves riding on his train. As you can see, the poor thing is teething, the drool doesn't stop!

Saturday was a big day. First we played a little ball. He will actually swing the bat if you throw the ball to him. Then Aden and I helped Melissa pick out her wedding dress! You will have to wait till after the wedding for me to say anything about it!

After that, we met Jason, Heather, Jake and Ryan at the Marlton Diner. It was fun to hang out. The boys got to run around a little together. Saturday night, Amy and I went to Mirna's in Jenkintown with Jaime and Abby and Andy and Alicia but no pics.

Sunday, I did not leave the house! I had to find new things to keep Aden busy, like the flashlight.

And the laser. You can just make out the green dot on the ground. He followed it everywhere. I will post a video later.

In and out of the car. In and out.

Trying on his new coat. Hey, where are you going? He just walks off to his playroom.

Here he is trying to squash the laser.

Yay, it was a fun weekend!

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