Monday, October 26, 2009

Rylee, Reese and Chase (Not A Law Firm)

This was a blur of a weekend. Aden had been sick all last week, so Friday night, he fell asleep before 6 and didn't wake up till like 9:30 on Saturday. Amy woke up sick Saturday, went to the doctor, came back and fell asleep. Aden took two long naps and went to bed at 6 again. So basically, we slept from Friday through Sunday. Sunday, Amy ran errands in the morning and I fed Aden Mac and Cheese.

He likes to walk around while he's drinking his milk now. Probably not a great idea for many reasons but I get a kick out of watching it. (and cleaning up the trail of milk later)

Sunday, we had the first birthday party for Rylee, Reese and their cousin Chase. (who was born right after the World Series last year and was named Chase Ryan by his brothers!) Randy and Rose and their beautiful girls!

Rylee was flirting with Aden. She wanted to give him a fry.

Aden loved checking out the video games. We were at the Ricboro Pub. I guess because it was three birthdays, there were like 200 people there!

We stayed away from the clown for obvious reasons. Actually, he was doing tattoos.

Ellen and Carrie with Rylee and Reese. Aden, you are going to have to make a choice one day!

Can I have some more tokens, please?

Let's rock out with daddy!

We got to sing Happy Birthday three times and Aden smiled each time. Funny. He still loves it from his birthday.

Of course he had some cake and ice cream, which he insisted on feeding himself.

Score! Aden got to take home some balloons!

That night we had dinner with my family, then back to watch tv and relax from relaxing all weekend!

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