Thursday, October 15, 2009

What a Day

Sorry about today, it was crazy and I didn't have a chance to update. First, Amy forgot her computer so I had to drive it to her school to give it to her so I got to work late. Then I was supposed to go to town to meet people from where I used to work for lunch. It was my old boss Francois' birthday. They wanted to go to the Union League so I had to rush home to put on a suit as you can't wear jeans and you must have a jacket. It was raining so traffic was slow and I didn't even get to the city till like 1:15. I also forgot my phone. It's amazing how lost you feel without your phone. I actually ran into Mark's beer store just to make a call to tell them I was on my way. Lunch was great, but when I went to get my car out of the lot, there were about 100 woman, who just came out of a party waiting for their cars. It took an hour to get my car! They had a tv there so I was luckily mesmerized by the boy in the balloon so the time went quickly. I then had to look all over the City for pay phone so I could check in with everyone. They are really hard to find and don't work very well. So now I'm driving home in a rainy rush hour trying to get there before our company that was coming over because I needed to clean. Just made it before the Sandy came over, but no time to clean.

Anyway, yesterday, Aden was checking out the decorations out front.

Then music class! I know you are tired of these pictures but we were excited. It was the first time he got up and wandered around the whole class. He walked up to different people and stared and waived. He would come back to give us hugs then go back out again. It was really cute and about time.

He walked over to Ms. Marilyn and just stared at her. He really adores her.

She does this thing where she has different kids on her lap and bounces them around. Aden just walked over and sat on her lap! When they were done, she put him aside for the next kid. When that kid got up, Aden sat down again!

Maybe now that he is walking more, he will start to lose that belly! Actually, it made me kind of sad. Babies don't walk so he's really not my baby anymore :-(.

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