Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Aden's First Report Card!

Alright, forget what I said about a one year old having homework being crazy, yesterday, Aden came home with a report card! It was actually quite funny to read but has us a little worried. The grades were out of four and he had many 1's and 2's in such categories as applying glue, climbs and explores and eats neatly. If I can figure out how to scan it, I will post it. The written part of the report card was as follows:

Aden has adjusted well to school. He’s used to classroom routine and the people around him. Aden is an observer. He enjoys sitting contently on the carpet (with a manipulative or two) with his legs crossed. In the last couple of weeks he has stopped crawling and walks to various play areas. Aden is proud of the fact that he has mastered the classroom climber. He now likes to “hang out” inside the red tunnel. Another favorite area he seeks out is the classroom sink. He’s always looking for bubbles. Aden has figured out how to turn the water on too.

Although Aden doesn’t respond to music verbally or through dance, he does like musical instruments. He can often be seen playing the piano or banging on the drum. In the last couple of days, we have heard him express some “D” sounds and say “uh oh.”

Aden needs a little extra encouragement when it comes to helping us clean up. He’ll usually just stare at us and hold on to the manipulative. He does however like to empty toy bins and book shelves (which is typical of his age).

Aden is a happy and lovable little boy. He can at times be a little stubborn but, he’s usually good about being redirected and accepting classroom limits. We are all very glad that Aden is a part of our Caterpillar I class.


Mette Braverman

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