Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What's in the Grilled Cheese?

It's amazing how fast the language is coming. Aden is saying new words all the time now. He finally knows that a cow saw moo among other things. I guess we have to start watching what we say around him! His taste in toys is also changing and getting more sophisticated. It pretty much must have lights and sounds. He loves to drive around this remote controlled car.

He follows it around.

Yes, we know, the shirt is too small and full of drool. We like how it shows off the belly.

Yes, he dumped all the candy out of the pail and put it on his head. I guess that's more fun than eating the candy.

Peek A Boo

Our babysitter Maura came by to spend some time with Aden. Usually he's asleep when she comes over, but this weekend, she will be getting him at 5 so we wanted him to get used to her. They had a great time together.

Aden still is not the biggest fan of meat. Sneaky mommy put a hot dog in his grilled cheese and he ate it!

This morning, Aden was eating and shaving at the same time. Maybe he needs to get up earlier if he is going to have time to make himself beautiful before school.

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