Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Le Reve

It's now Tuesday morning. The whole time difference thing is weird. It's only 7 but the stock market is open and you all are at work. I bet you're wondering where Aden is. He spent the weekend with Amy's family. They all had a blast. Now, he's with my family and they don't want to give him back. We video chatted with him and when he saw me, he said daddy! That was awesome. Ok, back to Vegas. When we last spoke, we were having breakfast in Boulder City, Nevada. Then we headed the last few miles to Lake Mead.

Some big, nice houses overlooking the lake.

The area reminded Amy of Hawaii. Turns out she was right, it's all volcanic rock.

Right now the only way to drive to Arizona is over the dam. It can take 2 hours just to cross so they have been working on this bypass bridge since 1984! Once it's done, you won't be able to drive over the dam anymore.

Our first view.

We took a tour. Here we are under the dam.

This tube carries the water through the dam to the generators. The whole area was shaking from the pressure. Cool.

The turbines.

Back up on top. The Colorado River restarts.

We drove over to Arizona just to say we did it.

From Arizona.

Bye Lake Mead! We really liked it there.

Back to Las Vegas.

Our cute Mercedes.

Back to the Wynn with my dad to see Le Reve. We bumped into Steve Wynn!

The shopping there is amazing. We picked this dress up for Melissa.

Amy loved this pizza place.

Gorgeous hotel.

The show was amazing. Too hard to describe. There are clips on Youtube if you want to see.

I will catch up with Monday later.

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