Sunday, November 8, 2009


Friday night, we met my family at Ben and Irv's. It was a short visit. Aden wasn't having any of it. He would not sit still so we had to eat and run. Any ideas on how to keep a toddler in his high chair for more than 5 minutes?

Saturday morning, we woke up to some major frost! By the time it was light enough to take a picture, it was mostly gone.

I'm ready for Summer and Winter hasn't even started yet.

Jaime brought Jared over for a playdate. It was Aden's first real playdate and it went well! We really should do this more often. Jared is 6 weeks younger than Aden.

Watching Jaime and daddy Nerf skeet shooting. (Aden's big boy toys are mine until he is old enough to play with them).

Do you know that Jaime and I were Bar Mitzvah'd together? Maybe Jared and Aden will do the same. That would be cool.

Amy was running around getting herself ready for Melissa and Mark's engagement party. I will post those pictures soon.

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