Friday, November 6, 2009

Young Love

Thursday night we had a quick dinner at Moish & Itzy's. They really need to renovate that place. (and work on the food)

What's interesting on the other table?

Back to music class and Aden was again stalking Ms. Marilyn.

Can I sit on your lap? Please?

He's finally starting to run. I don't know how he keeps his balance with that belly.

Aunt Melissa stopped by to see Aden in action with his buckets.

Aden had a great time! There are only 2 more classes till the next session!

What a fun time in his life.

Which should I use?

Of all the instruments, he seems drawn to the triangle! Man, he's going to be popular in high school!

Francesca and Aden had a little thing going on. First she came over and played with hair.

Then the hugging started. I probably should have gotten this on video.

I think he got her number.

Aden hugged back!

Heather and Francesca are our music class friends.

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