Sunday, April 19, 2015

Birthdays Galore

It's Sunday night and the end of another pretty crazy weekend.  It was also my birthday Saturday and Beverly's birthday today!  We went out with everyone to celebrate tonight.  I love all the shout outs I got on Facebook.  It's amazing to hear from people from all stages of my life.  It's also great to see a smile on Bev's face!
Last week was the twins 2 month birthday.  Here are some pics from the photo shoot.
 We have their checkups Tuesday and they will get shots.  Poor things.

Monday night was Aden's second baseball game.  How many pushups can a 6 year old do?

 Ready to go.

 He has a really nice swing when he isn't goofing around.
 My telephoto lens takes great shots sometimes.

 So serious.  Not.

 Aden tried out being catcher one inning.
He did pretty well.  I used to play catcher growing up.
 Ariel was ready to hit.
 Amy came later with the babies.  Her parents were also there.  Jake's mom and sister were excited to meet Noah and Eli.
 Of course they mostly slept.
 I hope he remembers these times.

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