Thursday, April 30, 2015

So Many Ariels

Somehow we are at Thursday night again.  Before you know it it will be time to head to the Shore!  We are getting some huge smiles from both the boys.  That makes all the tiredness and stress just melt away!  I will post lots of smile pics next week.  First we have to get through a crazy weekend starting with a non-stop Saturday. We have Aden's baseball pics at 10:45, a birthday party and baseball carnival at 11.  Ariel's soccer at 12.  Aden's baseball game at 2 and another birthday party at 4.  Then we have cousins who want to visit.  This is all Saturday! Wish us luck!

So back to last weekend.  We are all proud of our Maura who graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with honors.

Back to swim.

Not sure what this was about.

Getting us dressed after swim is always kind of crazy.  Usually it's just whatever we need to get home and shower.  This time I had to turn her into the Little Mermaid.
Pretzel and chocolate milk every week.
Baby Christian joined us.  
Amy then took Ariel to meet Ariel!  
 There were a bunch of Ariel's, and a couple of Elsa's.
 Ashely too!
 They played games and sang songs.
 There are lots of fun things around the community now that we started looking.
Then I took the older kids to the Kid's Castle in Doylestown.

We didn't stay long.  Amy needed our help at home.

That night we had dinner at my parents.
 It's sweet watching my parents play with the kids.
 Aden got some rolls of quarters for trying new foods!
 Then he built a record player, which he has no idea what to do with.  Have a great weekend!

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