Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Noah and Eli Can Fly!

Just a quick post tonight.  Here's Eli hanging out on Ariel's bed. They always seem to want to eat as we are putting the big kids to bed.  It's really hard to feed and read at the same time.

 Going back to Paris.
 That was a quick trip.
The mural artist we used in the past came back to work on Ariel's bathroom and to add Noah and Eli to their room.  Ariel was very excited to see what was going on.
 Work in progress.
Ariel got her own mermaid!

Aden and Ariel have their bears on a tree.  We wanted to do something different for the boys.  I came up with the idea for the plane.

 Hey Eli!
 I tried to get a pout.  
 Friday night, we got a sitter for the older kids and Amy's mom came to watch the babies  so we could get out!  We went to Caleb's American Kitchen in Peddler's Village.
 It was quite a scene there.  Very crowded.  The food was amazing!  When we got home all four kids were up!

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