Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Super Soccer Stars

Ariel started a new soccer league at the Northampton Rec Center. Now this was the way the last one should have been.  Much more age appropriate.  There were almost as many coaches as there were kids and the games they ran were perfect for them.
 Jaxson was there!  Sammy was supposed to be but he was sick.

 Ariel and Jaxson are almost the same age, he is so much bigger!  
 The twins were excited to watch.
 Aden too!

 It will be fun when Sammy joins them next week,

 Hey there Eli!
As the weather improves, the neighbor kids are making more appearances.
 We met Mark, Melissa and Eva for some Chinese food.

 Happy cousins.
 A night isn't complete without Dairy Queen!

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