Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The First Seder

It's Wednesday night and none of us have colds yet but Eli is still a bit congested.  We met with Aden's teacher today for a Spring conference.  She says he's her little love and that he is doing great. He is exactly where she wants him to be but she can tell he's developmentally a bit behind.  That's what happens when you are the youngest in the class but she said we made the right decision in sending him to 1st grade.  It's amazing to see the things he's writing.  Anyway, cold enough for you today?  It's was in the 40's. So much for Spring.  

Friday night my parents had the first seder.  It was just our family, Amy's immediate family and my cousin Eric from Boston.  
 Baby Eva wasn't sure what to make of my grandmother.
 It was nice to see Eric and the kids.  It had been too long.  It was their first time seeing the twins.  

 The kids were sweet with them.
 You might notice the house is a bit different.  All the wild colors are gone!

 Dylan and Ariel played well together.
 It was hard to do a seder.  The kids were crazy.
 My grandmother was distracted.
 Lucas was very gentle.

 She just loves being around all the kids.  Her 95th birthday is Sunday!

 It was Eric's birthday.  His flourless cake was actually pretty good.
 I look fat for some reason.
 The older kiddies.
 Aden tried a few new things.

 Matzoh ball soup!

 My girlie.
 She really loves to play games.

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