Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Making the Plays

It was warm the last couple of days.  A strong cold front came through this afternoon, causing thunderstorms and knocking out Aden's baseball game.  I just took the trash out and it was freezing! Nothing interesting to report so I will just get started.

Lazy Saturday morning.
It's time for baseball.
 I just liked this shot.
 Uh Aden, get up!

 Hit Aden!

 Cool pic.  He was playing pitcher next to the coach who was actually pitching but he still got most of the plays.
 Missed that one.
 Got that one.  
 Throw to first.
 Got him!  Look at the kids face!
 Swinging at those low ones.
 Hey Lilly.
 Ariel was at soccer with Amy, who forgot to take any pictures.
 Lunch at Newtown Pizza.
 Jumping ahead to swim Sunday morning.

A big hug for Aden when we picked him up at Hebrew school.

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