Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Nice Bunny

It's a quiet Tuesday night.  It's starting to feel warmer out.  I think Winter is finally over.  We are worried the boys might have colds though.  Seems everyone around us does.  

Trying out the bouncy seats.  They looked around a little.
 Eli holding Ariel's baby.  With and without binkie.  

 Time to put up wallpaper.
 Aden's first babysitting job.  The rest of us were outside working on the slide.
 Run Ariel!
 The slide was way harder to replace than I thought it would be.  I feel bad for making Tony help me and not getting professionals.  We still aren't finished.
 Got a new canopy too.
 Ariel was so happy to be back on the swing set.
 Aden playing video games next door.
 Ariel went with me to get Aden.  Bad idea.  I then had 2 kids that didn't want to leave.
 Wallpaper is in.

 Next came the vanity and the toilet.
 A quick trip to the Willow Grove Mall.
 We are getting pretty good at traveling with everyone.
 A last cookie before Passover.
 She really wanted to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap  There was no way we were waiting in line.  Ariel has come a long way though.  Last year she would have run away from the bunny!

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