Thursday, August 4, 2016

50 Yard Dash

It's Thursday night.  Nothing much to report.  Color War broke out at camp.  Both kids are on brown, which means we have to track down brown clothes again.  The babies are still driving us crazy.  I think both are over their colds but that's the least of it.  They get into everything!  Back to Sunday.

We got up and out the door by 6:30.  It was the annual charity run/walk for my uncle.  This year all the cousins were there and I even convinced Amy and Melissa to go.  
 The babies had no idea what was going on.
 Hello there Lucas.
 Jakey loves the babies.
 We waited for the 5 mile people to finish.  
 And waited.
 Eli bonded with Eric.
 Most of the boys.

 There is Noah.
 Poor Eli was not thrilled to sit on the motorcycle.
 Aden, who did not want to go or participate and who is not a runner, decided to do the 1 mile run with his cousins.  Of course Ariel went with him.  I figured neither would last very long.  They let the 1 mile walkers go right after the runners left.
 That's Ariel running for a bit but then she stopped.  Aden kept going!
 We took our time.  I actually carried her most of the time.  I thought I should have gotten a some time taken off for that.
 After 1/2 mile we turned around.  Here's Aden still running back towards the finish. He would sprint for a while then stop then sprint again.
 There's Melissa.  Aden actually came in 4th!  Crazy!
 Then it was time for the 50 yard dash.  Ariel was the only one who qualified.  The cousins ran with her for support.

This is the kids running the dash 2 years ago.  Watch little Ariel in the back.

Here is last year.

Here is this year.  Ariel came in last but she was the winner!

 Time for prizes.
 Aden loves his soccer ball.

 We did all this before 9!

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