Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Cleanup Crew

It's Thursday night.  Last night sucked.  Eli and I couldn't sleep.  He didn't eat or sleep at all today and took a long time to get to sleep tonight.  Phelps and Lochte are about to swim the 200 M medley so I have to be quick.  Did I mention that I'm sick of swimming?  

Over the weekend we went back to my in-laws pool.  We brought Ben with us and Ali and Sammy met us.  Todd and Nate have colds too.
 Aden loves swimming so much more when he has a friend.
 Ariel and Sammy.
 Eli and Noah!

 Someone is tired.
 Hi Ben!
 It was a hot, sunny day.

All the kids love jumping in.  Good thing it's a deep pool.

Go Sammy!

Ariel jumps right off the board.
Time for a romantic lunch.

We need to clean up!
Everyone have a great weekend!

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