Sunday, August 21, 2016

Everyone in the Pool

It's Sunday night and I'm waiting for this cooler weather they promised us.  We did have some crazy storms so maybe it's on it's way.  The Olympics are also over tonight.  That was a pretty intense 2 weeks.  Maybe they should stretch it out.  Speaking of making things longer, the older kids finished camp on Friday.  Aden cried at camp and when he got home.  He kept asking why it was only 8 weeks and why it couldn't be at least 12!  

Back to last Sunday.  The boys woke up happy.
Where they trying to get back in the pack and plays?
 We had a busy at the pool.  First, Andy, Alicia, Brendan and Devin joined us.  
 The kids all got along well and had fun.

 There were a lot of basketballs flying around.  
 Uncle Mark and Eli bonding.
 Hey Noah!
 Brendan was cute with the babies.
 My big boy.
 Pokemon Go!
They found a few around the house!

 Chillin' with grandpop.
 Later that day, the neighbors across the street came to swim including Ariel's friend Sydney.
 And her brother.
 It was a busy day for the kids.

But it was time to head home.
First Eli hd to eat some of the fireplace stones.
Leaving the shore was similar to arriving.  It was 99 at 10 in the morning Saturday and 96 after 7 on Sunday.
Cool sky on the way home.

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