Monday, August 29, 2016

To The Playground We Go

Aden had his first day of school and we really have no idea how it went.  All we got out of him was a thumb sideways.  We asked some of his friend's parents and they said the same thing.  I have some cute pics but I will get to them later.  Eli is doing well, I know, some of you don't know the whole story.  I will get to it.  

Last music class for the summer.  Aden and Ariel joined us.

Aden had a couple of friends there.  Hey Joseph!

It was fun to watch Aden, Joseph and Maya interacting.  

 I wish I knew what Maya said!
 It was fun having the big kids there.

 Parachute time.  The babies had no interest.
 Ariel got right on.

 Then under.

Then the big kids got a turn.

 Eli stayed far away!
Some sweet moments.

 Playing out back.

 It's amazing to watch all 4 play together.

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