Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Eli on the Splash Pad

It's Tuesday night.  Another night of watching the olympics.  I was tired of the swimming.  Now I'm tired of the running.  Funny story. Aden was in that book club again this summer at the Newtown Book Store.  He was reluctant to go but he ended up having fun. It's a way to squeeze in some bonus reading over the summer.  So, Aden got his 3rd grade teacher assignment yesterday.  First, I must say it's totally crazy all the drama that goes on among the administration, staff, parents and kids, with the teacher assignments.  So nobody heard of Aden's teacher.  We did some more digging, she transferred from another school.  We did some more digging, it was Aden's teacher from the book club!  What a small world.  He really liked her and is excited.  

The boys are getting big.  They can sit on the bar stools!

The like to eat on the picnic table.  

Aden was practicing his songs for color war.  Go Brown!

Yes, Mr. Trouble stood up on the table.
They both have to squeeze in the car at the same time.

We went swimming at the NAC.  Ben and Winston from next door came with us.  
What a pose.  
 The boys had fun with a ball.

 We freed the babies from the stroller.  Off they went.

 Yes, he's not wearing a suit.
 Noah is excited!

 Hey.  What's this?  
 Eli loved the splash pad.  Just ran right in.

 He got soaked and didn't care.
 It was funny.
 Almost ready for the big pool!

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