Monday, August 1, 2016

SSDC Visiting Day

It's Monday night and we are watching the 3 hour finale of the Bacherlorette.  Who will JoJo pick?  Amy says Robby, I say Jordan.  I think Chad should come back and surprise them all.  All I know is it's going to be a late night! (and I'm not really a man, I know)

Last week we had visiting day at Southampton Summer Day Camp. This is the first time we had 2 kids at the same camp so it was a fun but hard day.  We had to be all over the place to watch both the kids at their activities at the same time and it was super hot!

When we got there, Aden was playing indoor soccer and it was air conditioned.  Ariel's bunk was out in the woods for Nature.  We stayed with Aden.  ;-)
We are so glad that Jack joined Aden at camp this year.
 The boys played hard.

 There's Jack.
 Then we went to see Ariel at swim.

She wanted her friend in a picture.
Ariel's turn to jump in.
 There she goes!
 Just a few cute faces.

 Ariel is doing way better in swim than Aden was at this age.

We ran back and forth between Ariel's swim and Aden's mini golf.
It was to hot for Amy and I  to be standing out in the sun, so we didn't stay very long.

The boys were very serious.


Then it was time for Aden's swim.

He did really well too.
 Ariel had playground.

There she is up high.

 I loved watching her interact with her friends.
 We had a quick lunch and headed out during ice cream.

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