Wednesday, August 24, 2016

We May Have a Prodigy!

First piano lesson!  He seemed to not hate it!  He actually didn't seem to mind practicing all week.  It helps that the teacher told us to keep the practices under 5 minutes at a time.

Mr. Trouble opens the door to the garage.
We wanted to spend some quality time with the older kids so we got a sitter and went to dinner and a movie.
We saw Pete's Dragon.  Ariel was in my lap and terrified most of the time!
Not sure why we still have the pack n play in our bedroom.

Last day of camp!
Ariel with all of her awards including Camper of the Season!  Not bad for a first timer 4 year old!
Loni the driver got them doughnuts for the last day.
Lunch at Ben and Irvs.

We drove to the shore Friday night and stopped for dinner and ice cream on the way somewhere in Jersey.

Saturday morning, the twins were up to the usual trouble.  The took down all the bags of snacks, but then put them back in!
They even sweeped.
The local surf shop was having a sale.
Pool time.  My dad and Aden really got into some intense games.

These pics are cool.

Some ice cream before we headed to Ocean City...

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