Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Give Me the Hose!

It's Tuesday night.  Today was beautiful.  Aden had his 8 year old checkup.  He's 50% for height and weight.  He's making up for all the rest of the kids that are tiny.  I can't keep my eyes open so here are some random pics from last week.

Yes, I think he's holding a medicine bottle.

 Playing out back.
 The twins were spraying each other.
 Give me the hose!
 Eli is jealous that Aden is starting piano lessons.
 Silly in the morning.
 Or serious?
 Sammy is over for a play date.  Let's ride to the school.
 The path behind our house.

 Ariel found friends when we got there.
 She ran off to play with the girls and Sammy called her on it.  He said she wasn't being nice because she wasn't playing with him.
 She apologized.

 That was fun but we need to eat!
 Some light saber fighting.  
 We want to play!
 Good night!

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