Thursday, May 31, 2018

Brought To You By The Letter C

It's Thursday night.  Aden had his second baseball game in as many nights.  He has one Saturday and one Wednesday and that's it!  Then he starts basketball.  Ariel has cheer but I'm not sure what the twins are doing this Summer besides camp.  Anyway, let's finish off last week so I can go to bed.  

Ariel got to meet Cass of the Superkids learning to read books.  (Cass teaches the C sounds) She went to Judy's school for a visit so Amy took her over there.  
Setting up the new water table!  Paw Patrol is the best!

 Of course they got soaked.
 Where are your pants Eli?
 You can see Aden's head poking out of the dugout.  
 Ariel found some friends to help her practice cheering.
 That's Boston the dog.  Ariel was a bit scared.
 Aden on first!
 Yes, another McDonalds picnic.

 What's in there Eli?  
 Playing out at crazy cars.  
 It's dangerous to take the kids to Learning Express.  
 I will have a chocolate cone please.
 A pretty intense football game out back.

 Eli jumped in with the big kids.

 They even had a pretty cheerleader!
 Look at Ariel's face.  So serious!
 Bye friends!

 Aden went to Finn's birthday party at Sports Zone before we headed to the shore.  Have a great weekend!

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