Monday, August 6, 2018

Boston Wedding

It's Sunday night past midnight!  Amy and I just got back from a crazy experience.  Our first Russian wedding!  I will have much more on that later.  It's so late and I'm so tired but I will try a plow ahead with this huge post.  I don't want to get too far behind.  Last Saturday, Amy and I flew to Boston for my cousin's wedding.  A night away without the kids!  What the kids were up to, I will save to another post.  We hadn't flown American in a while.  They really did some cool stuff at the gates.  
 Back to Boston!  We dropped off our stuff at the hotel in Cambridge, the Ubered it to Quincy Market.  I went to college in Boston and love it there.  I took Amy about 7 years ago.  That went fast.
 It was packed.
 We got Amy her chowder!
 Then we had lunch at Durgin Park nearby where I got my baked beans!
 I love these cookies!

 We wanted to pick up a nice gift for Aden.  Not!

 This made us think of Todd and Ali in Nashville.
 Taking the T.  We did not have much time and Amy wanted to shop so we took the subway to Newbury St.  It was so hot but Amy was determined to find the same kids store we got Aden stuff at 7 years before.  She found it!  Ariel was the lucky one this time.
 Then we took an Uber to Harvard Square so Amy could get her hair blown out.  There's a view of Boston University and my freshman dorm was those 3 towers.
 Wild turkeys in Cambridge?
 The wedding was at Catalyst restaurant in Cambridge.  Amy's hair came out great!
 Pretty chupa.
 Everyone was ready!
 There's Jennie the bride!
It was a very sweet ceremony.  Eric cried.

 Cocktail hour.
 Then back to the same room for dinner.

 Here they come!

Dinner was great and the speeches were cute.
 The groom.
 My two guy first cousins.
 Yes, my family was there too.
 We danced well into the night!
 Mother son dance.
 It was a fun night!

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