Thursday, August 2, 2018

Decisions Decisions (the best kind!)

It's Thursday too late.  We went to the Phillies game tonight with our cousins from LA.  We had fun but it's tough to go out on a school night.  I am so behind in pictures.  It will take me all next week just to get through last weekend in Boston.  I may have to do a bonus episode soon.  Anyway, back to last week.  

Bev and Ariel selfies.
I saw this on Facebook.  It's outside someone's classroom.  How do I teach this to my kids?
 On Thursday and Friday, I had my yearly continuing legal education classes in the city.  That meant a super early train and a stop at Beiler's Doughnuts at the Reading Market.  Yum.  
 I had 6 2 hour classes spread out over 2 days.  The first was about medical marijuana.  It was very interesting.  I have a friend that wanted to explore opening a marijuana store with me but it's really difficult.  Because it's still illegal federally, the banks and credit card companies can't be involved so talk about a cash business.  Then you have no where to put the money.  Even before you start, you can't get loans to build a store, has to be private money.  
 I take the class with city attorneys.  A bunch of city councilmen were there.
 Lunch was at my favorite Amish stand.
 Back home that night we went for a walk.

 Someones trash is apparently Noah's treasure!
 The next morning I was back to having this decision to make!

 There were classes on gun control and the supreme court and the opioid epidemic.  It was pretty interesting.
 Amy had the boys all day.
When I got home, it was pouring.  The lawn guy got stuck under out swing set.
Then we got to play outside.

 This was an inside joke with our friends that stayed with us at the shore.  We sent this to them.
They continued the inside joke.  Too hard to explain but very funny.  Have a great weekend!

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