Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Visiting Camp 2

It's Wednesday night.  Finally getting rid of the stinky trash.  Aden and I had our guitar lesson tonight.  I really want to play as much as possible and get better but I just have no time.  I just think about playing all the time.  Back to visiting day at camp.  

I ran into Sammy again!
 He wanted to take a picture of me.
 Not too bad!
 Aden had softball leagues.  It rained for a few minutes so everyone hid in the dugout.
 Time to play!

 There's Sammy again.  
 Went to see Ariel at arcade.  

 The games are so old!

 Then Aden headed to swim.
 Look at that sky!

 Ariel had Hampy's Kitchen.  Hampy is the owl mascot of the camp.  
 All the bunks come here at some point and cook fun foods.
 Ariel got to mix!
 It was a fun visiting day!

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