Monday, August 27, 2018

Surfin' Girls

It's Monday night and I totally forgot to do a post today, which is nuts because I'm literally over 1000 pictures behind.  I might have to double post the next few days.  We are back from the shore.  It's kind of weird to be home.  On the way home, we stopped in Center City and met cousins from Israel.  That was fun.  Then, we finally got to play on Aden's new basketball court.  These are from last Friday and Saturday.  

Last day of camp!  Last year they were both crying.  This year they were laughing.  What do you think that means?
 Starting the basketball court!
 We made it to the shore.  Allison was there to help.  It's really hard to unpack the car with the twins running around.
 Comcast came at 7 am.  Amy ran to Ariel's bed to sleep because the cable boxes are in our bedroom.  The twins took her spot to play.
 Daddy and the twins wanted some doughnuts at Juniors.  
 Then, for the first time in a while, we headed to the beach.
 Lori and Bill and the kids sat with us.  
 Allison kept an eye on the twins.
 Brandon and Aden played a lot.
 Ariel and Ashley the surfers.
 This was Ariel's first time on the boogie boards and she loved it.

 Bill loves being in the water too.
Aden is getting so big.
My dad was even surfing!  The waves were huge!

 Ice cream time!
 That's good sharing Eli.

 The beach looks huge here.
 Back to our house to grill some dinner.  
 Aden and Brandon kept looking for higher places to throw balls from.
 We ate inside because it started raining a little.

 Bill played my guitar great!  He helped me figure out how the chords work.

 Over to Dairy Bar.
 The night didn't end there.  Andrew and Devin came to visit pretty late.
 The twins put on a show for them.

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