Thursday, August 9, 2018

Happy 41st Birthday to Tom Brady

It's Thursday night and this is a ridiculously large post.  I'm getting too far behind.  I think this was last Friday.  
 Early morning at the gym.  Notice how crowded it is!
 The boys had their gym class.  I poked my head in.  The teacher had to pick up Eli.  He wasn't being a good boy.

 We put the boys in the their pjs late Fri night and headed to the shore.
 I saw this and got a kick out of it.  
 Saturday morning the Comcast man came very early.
 Where is mommy?
 She was hiding in Ariel's bed so she could get some more sleep.

We walked to the playground.  The sky was a bit scary.  
 First we stopped at the house Lori, Bill, Brandon and Ashley are renting around the corner.  

 Cute place.
 Playground time.  All the kids got bored fast.

 So we moved to the basketball courts.
 Ariel and Ashley ran into a friend.
 My dad and Aden played tennis.  

 My dad has been dreaming of this day.  
 I even jumped in a little.
 Back to my parents, Aden and Brandon got right to the Legos.
 Then my cousins came!

Right into the pool.

 Big crowd!

Food is here!


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