Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Happy Birthday Clarisse!

It's Tuesday night and here's a giant post.  This will be from last Sunday and Monday.  

It was Clarisse's birthday!  Jason and Aaron came for an early visit.  He's getting so big!

 Playing in the big bed.

 Helping daddy build a drying rack.  
 Over to Bubbie's to play a little.

 It wasn't the best weather and we were tired from being on the beach the day before so we just hung out.
 Andrew and Devin came back to play.
 We all went to dinner at Carmine's at the Tropicana Casino to celebrate Clar's birthday.  It was the first casino for the twins.  They were mesmerized.  

Eli liked the selection of cigars and whiskey.
 Finally it was dinner time.
 I didn't take any pics of the food but let me assure you, every dish was huge.

 Ok we can't possibly eat anymore.
 Back to our house for cake.

 Eli's favorite thing in the world is birthday cake!

 Now that's a good night!
Monday morning we went to the playground while we were waiting for friends to arrive.

Jason and Heather and the twins came around noon.  We grabbed lunch and headed to my parent's house.  The weather wasn't the best so it wasn't worth the effort to go to the beach.  
 Aden and the twins played well together.

 Time to get ready to go out!
 We went to Ocean City and got our free fudge.
 I love it here.  It's been a while.

 Ariel has had some attitude problems recently.
 We waited in line for Manco and Mancos pizza.
 Aden literally tried soda for the first time and did not like it!  The twins were surprised.  
 We ate so much pizza.

 Checking out the Fortnite t shirts.
 Then it was time for games and rides.
 Ariel was a big winner!

 Aden ran into Jason.
 They had fun running around.

 We had a harder time running around trying to keep an eye on the kids.

 Ariel was the only one who went on real rides.  

 Group shots!

 Jason and I finally got our monkey bread and Johnson's popcorn.
 Then we got our fudge, salt water taffy and caramel covered apples.
 We watched them making the taffy.
 I ate this popcorn all week.  So yummy.
 Finally time for bed.  

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