Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Camp Dance Show

It's Wednesday night.  I finally remembered to do this.  We got Aden and Ariel's classroom assignments.  The older kids seem happy with who they got.  Ariel has Mrs. Gainsley, who Aden had in first grade.  She is awesome and we were hoping she would get her.  They added a third class for the first time so Ariel will only have 17 kids in her class, which is great.  Here's another quick post. Crazy skies!

We had Ariel's dance show at camp.  We waited in line in the rain.  
We knew lots of people there so that was fun.
We aren't supposed to take pictures or videos.  They say it's distracting.  They also conveniently sell cds of the show for $30, which is crazy.  Are they serious?  Everyone videos everything nowadays.  it's no longer distracting.  Well I took some pics and some video.  The girl who runs the drama program came out and admonished us not to take pics or videos after Ariel was done.  Oops.  

Camp Dance 2018 from Jerry Wexler on Vimeo.

Everyone out to bow.

Our star.

Great job baby!

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