Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Balloon Cat

Another nice day.  Amy and I even snuck out and got some waffles and ice cream for ourselves.  Shhhh.  I had fun jamming with my guitar teacher tonight.  I need to find other people to jam with.  

Here's another quick post.  We put Eli in charge of cutting the pizza.  
 He did pretty well.  
 This was Amy's attempt to scare away the mouse in our kitchen! 
 So Aden was not thrilled that the flag football league he was in was pick up and not set teams.  So we found another league and he ended up on a team with my friend Jason's twin boys.  
 They had their first practice last Wednesday.  The coach seems to know football but seems a bit disorganized.
 Aden did a lot of the throwing.

 And some catching.  
 This is a new elementary school.  It's way high up on a hill.  
 There was a really good view of the surrounding area.
You could even see our friend Lindsay's house from there.

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