Sunday, April 7, 2019

Early Morning Calls

It's Sunday night.  We had a taste of Summer today.  It was in the 70's and sunny.  In fact, all weekend was pretty nice and the kids were barely indoors.  Even though we have a few more days till her actual birthday, we celebrated my grandmother's 99th today!  More on that later!  

The posts this week will be a little short I think.  Last Sunday  we got our normal early morning call from Eden and Aaron.  
 Jason likes to call early when the kids will answer on their iPads.  He had some fun on this call.
 Superheroes headed out to gym class with mommy.

 I went to synagogue to meet up with the kids.  They were having a special class about feeding the poor that parents were invited to.

 The rest of the day was quiet.

 We met Andrew and Alicia for dinner at Grandmas Grotto.  The kids played with the owner's grandson Anthony.
 Hey Uncle Andy! (we are high school friends)

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