Monday, April 1, 2019

Cookies for Days

Hey ho.  It's late Monday night and April Fools Day!  Anyone get tricked?  Both Aden and Ariel's teachers were busy.  Ariel had a crossword puzzle we were supposed to help her with but there were no words!  Just random letters.  Aden had an assignment we needed to sign.  It was proof that the Earth was flat!  Funny.  Ariel started back at cheerleading tonight.  We just got back now we are watching American Idol which was one for 3 hours last night and 2 tonight so we are busy!

Last Monday, the twins set up for a show.  
 They even made a stage!
 Play-Doh time with Heather.  
 My mom came over to make hamantaschen with the kids.  This has been the longest Purim ever.  
 Everyone got into it.

 Cherry are my favorite.
 Can't wait to bake these.

 This was whole night activity!  We ate those cookies for days.  
 The kids were jumping off Aden's bed so Heather joined them.
 This is the Google Maps street view of our friend's house.  I noticed you can see her sitting on the front step holding her daughter.  That's pretty cool.

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