Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Ariel the Math Queen

It's Tuesday night and I wish it was Wednesday night because the trash is super full!  Aden got spacers today to get ready for braces.  Poor guy is having trouble talking and eating.  I made him a milkshake for dinner.  Back to last week.  

Not sure why they got name tags.  
 Not sure why they had name tags.  
 So cute!
 This is Ava, one of the twin girls.  I can tell them apart now!  It only took 2 years.  
I did my taxes.  He has the same toys on his desk every year.  I look forward to playing with them.  
 What's wrong Noah?
 Bowling time!

Piano.  I had my guitar lesson after.  Still working on Enter Sandman.
A sneak preview of the rainforest trip.  
 Ariel did well on her math assignment!

 A quiet evening at home.

 I just got sentry mode on my car.  It's cool how they add features all the time for free.  Now all the cameras around the car record while the car is parked in case anything happens! 

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