Tuesday, November 26, 2019

2nd Place Quizzo

It's Tuesday night.  Very close to Thanksgiving and Ariel's birthday!  It was so warm today we didn't need jackets but sadly it's not going to last.  We had Aden and Ariel's parent teacher conferences today.  Both teachers had nothing but nice things to say about the kids.  They are both having great years.  That was nice to hear.  Back to last Monday and Tuesday.

We looked for Eli's lovey over the weekend.  It was still in his cubby.  Guess we forgot it.  
 Hannah put on a show for the kids.  

 The 4s are so much fun!
 That night I cooked a Hello Fresh dinner.  
 Then the kids went crazy.  

 I believe this was taken in the dark.  This new iPhone camera is pretty amazing.
 Tuesday morning, I had to take Ariel in early for STEM club with Aden's 5th grade teacher.  
 Morning fun.  
 I took Ariel to dance that night.  They are in a studio with windows so I was able to watch a bit.  

 Not quite sure who this girl is hugging Ariel.  
 Ariel flying!

 I met the guys to play Quizzo.  We came in 2nd out of 10 teams.  Not too bad.  

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