Thursday, November 21, 2019

Ariel's Crushes

It's Thursday night.  We had a really hard time getting the twins to bed.  They just won't stop playing.  We are going to have to seperate them somehow.  The next few posts are going to be short.  I really have not been taking a lot of pictures.  Plus there are very few activities these days.  Back to last week.  

The boys got dangerously close to Aden's Hogwart's Castle.  
Then they jumped into the bean bag chair.  

Ariel telling me about the boys that have crushes on her.  

I went back to visit school again.  
 Ariel's hair was out of control.  
 She was channeling Coach Lynde.  
 Music class was cute.  The teacher loves Mary Poppins and showed it to them the week before.  She asked them a bunch of questions about the movie.  Then we sang songs.  
 I got to hear Aden do a book report.  I will spare him the video but he did a pretty good job talking about the Hunger Games.  
 I like watching Aden play.  
 The boys kept using the tray as a chair.  Not the best idea.
 We made cookies!  I always give the kids eggs to hold.  
 We haven't lost one yet.
 The cookies were good.  Have a great weekend!

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