Sunday, November 3, 2019

Spooky Hallway Face

It's Sunday night and thankfully the Eagles won so I should have an easy sleep tonight!  We had a very exciting day yesterday but it didn't end quiet as we would have wanted.  More on that later.  Today was the end of Daylight Saving Time so we are all totally messed up.  It's not even 9 and all I can think about is going to sleep.   I'm getting a bit behind here.  These are from a week ago Friday.

I went to get the boys.  
 They were excited for that night.
 It was time for the Holland Harvest featuring trunk or treat and spooky hallway.  Our school's pre-Halloween bash.  I headed over to the school early with my sister to get my car ready for trunk or treat.  Amy got the kids ready then they all walked up to the school.  I believe Ariel was a cat last year too.
 Bev did most of the work.  She got all the props for our spooky lab setup.  
 Here are the kids all dressed up and actually looking at the camera!
 Ariel and Guls.
 Ariel and her friends jumped into my car and raided the extra candy!

 Noah and Eli found Claire from their school.
 We are all set up!

 It was a huge crowd!
 The principal was on top of a car and took these pictures.

 We had a lot of cute kids come by for candy.

 There's me working the trunk.
 Here are some of the other trunks.  

 We went through a lot of candy!
 Mike took the kids on a ride.
 They had some good food trucks.

 Bev made the jacket too.
 This kids was funny.
 Then we waited in line for Spooky Hallway run by Aden and the 6th graders.  

 Eli was very nervous but both boys insisted on going in.

 Here we go!  It was almost pitch black.  That new iPhone really can take pics in the dark!

 I had to carry Eli.
 This was Eli's face after.
 This was Aden's face the first time he went through.  It's the same face! (you can also see the twins in Amy's belly!)
 They had food, crafts and games.
 It was a fun night!

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