Sunday, November 10, 2019

Pre Competition

It's Sunday night.  It was a pretty quiet weekend.  The first weekend without sports in ages.  Saturday we didn't do much.  Sunday we were split up boys vs girls!  PECO shut off our power early this morning for a few hours to do work.  Thankfully, it was only about 5 hours but when we woke up the house was around 60.  Plus, when the power went off around 3 am, the house made some noises which woke up the kids and they ended up in our bed.  

Back to a week ago last Friday.  We had the prep or Ariel's big cheer competition.  I picked the boys up from school.
 Hannah was sleeping!  This probably around 5.

 That night was Ariel's last practice before the regional cheer competition.  The girls had to put out the matts at Holland Middle.

 We got to watch the routine at the end of practice. 

 They added the signs to the routine. 

 Coach Lynde's pep talk.
 The morning of the competition.  It was cold!  We had to leave our house around 6:30 to get to Trenton by 7.  Amy's mom came to stay with the boys.  
 We met before the Cure Center was open so we worked on hair and outfits outside in the cold.

 So cute!  One of the moms made the signs.

 Heading in...

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